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Art for Migrant Youth

There is a crisis in our country. Thousands of families have been separated as many seek refuge in South Texas from life threatening situations. Near 2,000 young boys and youth are being housed in San Antonio and we can help by providing resources and supplies to help them navigate their journeys as they wait to be reunited with family. 100% of the donations here will go directly to Created for these specific purposes alone.

Check out some of the ways you can help bring HOPE and the light

of CHRIST . 

Marker Donations

Donate to Created for marker sets. **We have certain colors and supplies that can be used so please do not drop off markers. $15 for 5 select color sets. Goal- 80 sets

Spanish Coloring books

Spanish Coloring books designed specifically for refugee and migrant youth. Help us provide a book for each youth. Goal- $1,200 for 1,500 books

Art Journals

Donate to Created for Blank art journals. These will be used to help the youth process and have a safe space to express themselves. $24 for a 24 pack. Goal- 2,000 journals

Art Mural Project

If you are local to SA, are willing to go through Catholic Charity volunteer process and would like to help facilitate a large scale art mural project with the youth, please contact Ashley. 

Origami paper

Origami has been a great project for the boys during down time. $20 for a pack of 500 papers. Goal- 8 packages. 


Please pray for:

-God to re-unite families

-Funds for this process 

-Healing from trauma

-Purpose and Hope of Christ

-open doors 


Have questions, contact Ashley at Created

    Thanks for submitting!

    Thank you for your support!


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