studio sessions

The created studio offers reflective sessions that are prayerfully designed to connect people with the heart of God through creating with him. every canvas, every session is different and reflects what the holy spirit is speaking to a specific group of people. for artisans and novices alike, in the created studio anyone can learn the beauty of waiting on the lord, connecting with his heart and creating with the god who knows them best.

 some of our sessions include:

Couples night, family sessions, reflecting on the season, unlocking the heart, small group encouragement, painting through the word and so many others!



all sessions are free of charge as a ministry to the body of christ. created funded solely on donations and we are grateful for support to help us continue to provide these gifts to the church and the community

 please contact:     Ashley at 210.452.4532 or for more info and scheduling.

 classes and workshops

From kids camps to writing workshops, the created studio is a place to be creative! here are a few of the creative classes to keep an eye out for throughout the year (see events for up to date offerings):


a creative community for all skills and ages that weekly explores and experiments with new and unique ways to be creative and expressive and how to apply it in our lives.

contact megan gallegos-

 writing workshops

writing workshops designed to help you explore the tug god placed on your heart to write! contact jill johnston for the next class

 created kids camps

send those little creators to learn new artistic tools and skills as they explore gods creation. weeklong summer camps, and two day camps. contact ashley for more info

 private art lessons

If you or someone you love is interested in private art lessons, we offer these based on request at Created Studio. **our teachers are currently unavailable to take on more students at the moment, but stay in touch. Currently looking for more teachers if you'd like to reach out! 

 current private lesson options: 

drawing basics: this 6 week drawing lesson is designed to help your childs drawing skills improve at whatever level they are at. we teach basic design, shading, and realistic drawing. 


One-on-One lessons- $25 per hour ($100 per month once a week for hour long lessons)

Art Classes- $20 per class (for five or more students) **currently not available but will be responsive to need/ request.


 please contact: 

ashley rogers at 210.452.4532 or


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