meet the team

 ashley rogers

founder, exec. director created, author, speaker, artist

Ashley Rogers is the director of Created. She studied art education at Baylor and has taught in various settings for the last 16 years. she follows jesus as a writer, collage artist, teacher, mommy of three (AbigaEl Nate and esther) and  wife (to taylor). Created was born from a vision God placed on her heart to see people connect with the heart of God through the creative arts. 


"As I have experienced freedom from perfection, my art has felt the results of it. I love mixed media, collage and acrylics. My favorite times of creating happen during worship and prophetic art- watching the Holy Spirit show up and speak in real time as my brush responds. There’s nothing like it.

ashley is an artist, author and arts facilitator. whether speaking, teaching, writing or creating her joy is in helping people connect with jesus and watching him open the doors of their hearts to him. if you would like to connect with her, please contact

Isaiah 55

Finance director

 chandler merritt

Chandler is the bookkeeper for Created and helps us keep things legit! She has a creative heart and runs her own ministry called backstitch- a mission that seeks to be present in the lives of those experiencing depression and anxiety through quilt-making and community. she is married to Luke and they are both on staff with wildfire network. 

 terri chaney

director created branch .  west texas

Terri Chaney is a wife, mom to two sons, and a professional artist.

Her love of creativity and deep desire to help others find freedom

and healing came together when she discovered CREATED ministry.

She now offers these sessions to those in the west Texas area she lives in. Please feel free to contact her at to check out her artwork and connect with the ministry in West Texas!

Phil 3:14

intercessor and worship arts warrior

      private art lessons instructor

 celina overman

Celina Overman is a prayer warrior for created. She loves to see God speak to people and unlock truths through His Holy Spirit. She is wife to Chad and mommy to three nuggets- Dylan and  Elisa and HANNAH.

"I’m so grateful for the opportunity to serve with Created. Worship art is a time to tap into our feelings and engage our senses, reflecting upon the Holy one. It has brought forth encouragement, transformation, and intimacy to his sons and daughters through many of the sessions. God uses what He can to touch us in the deepest places."

Proverbs 19:21

  jill johnston

writing ministry

jill is an author, teacher and prayer warrior. she has a heart to encourage and uplift writers that feel the call to put the pen to the paper. she leads writing workshops at created. 

"I am a follower of the Rabbi Jesus, married to my best friend and inspiration, and the mother of three incredible children, one daughter and two sons, with one son-in-love and two beautiful granddaughters. 

When not writing, I passionately pursue prayer, reading (there’s never enough time to read them all!), and the outdoors.  I continue to explore what it means to be a good steward of all God has given: His love, His creation, His blessings, to include: family, friends, church, people, home, gifts, experiences, finances, and time. In this endeavor, reading, learning and listening with the desire to put it all into practice, then share the successes, the failures, and whatever is in between."

facilitator of Scribbles creative community

 megan gallegos

Megan Gallegos is an artist with a mission. she loves to explore with art and invite other people into this creative space as well.


"If you open a box of chalk anywhere you’re bound to make a friend. I also love ink, its a tad more serious, the medium itself is bold, elegant and simply unique."


"I love Helping out christian clubs in the public school system and teaching students not only how to lead but why it is important to do so!"

 "God working through the arts have been my grace  when I was hurting and my safe place when I was lost. Oh how fascinating He is, his creativity knows no bounds, I want to share this amazing gift from Him to any and everyone! Created has been such a blessing to me and now I get to go out and share it with those around me and out in the community!"

 jennifer sweet

Created facilitator

Jennifer has been connected to created since we first opened our doors! After going through the created arts ministry program, she has become a facilitator to lead various classes through using her gifts of crafting, scrapbooking and creating. 

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