The mission of Created is to help all people connect to the healing heart of God through the creative arts and to equip Jesus followers to use the arts to bring the hope of Christ into a broken world. The art is not the goal, but rather a doorway for people to connect with Jesus, wherever they are at in their journey. We believe the therapy of art and creativity is not possible in fullness without the ministry of the Holy Spirit. We believe that every soul has value in the eyes of God and that the diverse forms of creative arts are a unique and life giving way to help people understand their intrinsic value to Him. 


Goals and Values: 

As a mission of Wildfire Network, we hold to the values and manifesto that can be read here. As Created, there are several specific goals and values we hold as we move forward in the mission God has called us to:


1.         To invite people into the presence of God to allow for Him to speak into their lives. This is primarily done through creative art sessions either in a studio space or in private or community spaces open to this ministry 

2.         To expand peoples perspectives of the intimate connection between God and art; and help them to experience God moving, healing, and speaking through the creative gifting of others. This includes times of personal creating as well as observing the creations of others. Creating includes all of the arts- dance, drama, music, visual, graphic, spoken but also encompasses the many ways our creativity comes out in our every day lives.

3.         To reach people with the love of Jesus that might not be open to Him otherwise. We want to creatively use the arts to communicate Gods love to our hurting and broken world. Dramas, face painting, community events and sessions, dance, are all ways to use the arts to reach out to tell His story. 

4.         To acknowledge, encourage and empower the creative gifts God has placed in all peoples, young and old from all backgrounds. We long for every person to understand that they are uniquely created by God in His image and He therefore has creative and unique plans and purposes for each person. 

5.         To help bridge the gap between the church and the arts. We want to use the arts to help the Church “see” how God is working, but we also want to come alongside the Church and teach them how to connect creatively to the world around us. 

6.         To train up artisans and creatives to use their gifts for the kingdom of God and empower them to see their creativity as ministry opportunities. We do not want to be elite artists, but rather generous teachers that help others connect with Jesus in creative ways as well.

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