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Creative Collaborative Journal



Purpose: To create a collaborative creative devotional, made my art ministry partners and facilitators from around the globe. The goal is to invite others to experience the presence of Christ through the creative process. I know God has personally and corporately given you all beautiful ideas, exercises and ways to connect with Him. Created will be putting together a creative devotional that gathers these together in one place. The theme is LIFE, but each devotional doesn’t have to be about this specifically. There are many things that give life to our souls, bodies, minds and spirits- and begin reflecting on how Jesus desires to bring people “life and life abundant” through this creative journal. Each page spread will have a full color image, with the opposite side having a creative prompt, a devotional or exercise. On the same spread, we will place a little info about the contributor as well. I would love to have you join us in putting this together as I feel like it will be a gift to so many (and I want to give one to each of you to bless you in this journey!)


What I need from you:

  1. Response that you plan to contribute. Deadline for contributions will be Friday December 4, 2020. 

  2. No more than a one page entry, 14pt font, double space (see below for thoughts) If you would like to contribute multiple ideas, Id love it- please include them as separate pages. Please type it in a document, if possible, not an email. Please keep in mind, we might have to adjust things for editing purposes if you are comfortable. 

  3. One quality image to go with your devotional page. Examples of ideas below. If you don’t have an image, please let me know and we can talk about an image idea that would work well. If possible, a larger full res image works best. (.jep, .png are fine).**Keep in mind that any images used we will need permission to use, so make sure its yours or that I have permission to use it so we can give credit!!! J

  4. If someone else that is part of the ministry, team or family you create with has a desire to enter something as well, they are welcome to do so. Please share this page with them. 

  5. Please include in your email or document the following:


     Location (City, State or Country)-

     Ministry Name/ website (if applicable):-

     Picture of you (or ministry logo if you prefer) 

  6. Email the above to me by Dec 4 at with the subject line of- creative          collaboration. 



Examples of ideas to contribute might be:


-a piece of poetry you’ve written with a prompt to reflect on.

-an image of your prophetic art connected to verse or passage of Scripture

-a technique or exercise that helps people to breathe, prepare to hear God’s heart for them that day, and a photo that relates

-Journal Prompts for either art journaling or writing, and an example of this for others to see


These are just a few ideas- remember, the heart of EVERY piece we include we want it to continue to connect people back to the heart of God and His heart for them. It doesn’t have to be explicit in sharing the gospel, but the purpose is for people to know Him intimately. It can be simple or complex. Don’t worry about who will read it. I look forward to being part of this project and pray you can join us. It doesn’t need to be fancy, or even a new idea. There are so many parts of God’s character, His Word and His truth we can mediate on- choose one that stirs you and begin thereJ


Love you all! Thank you for partnering with me, with Created, with each other, with the body of Christ. For HIS glory and HIS glory alone. 


Ashley Rogers

Director, Created Ministry


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