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C.reated A.rts M.inistry P.rogram  (C.A.M.P.)




 what is camp

The purpose of CAMP is to prepare and equip God’s people to use the arts as a tool in their communities to bring healing, hope, and the light of Jesus. It is designed to train leaders to guide groups of people or individuals through an artistic process that is encouraging and restorative to the soul.


 where is camp

Created Art Studio, and various places around San Antonio Texas

19421 Bat Cave Rd Garden Ridge TX 78266


 how long is camp

It is a three day intensive program, Thurs evening- Sunday afternoon

Offered in the Fall and Spring.


 what will be covered at camp

We will learn through hands on experience, teaching, praying and creating work through and cover the following:

-the value of being still and listening to the Holy Spirit

-thinking outside the box

-learning to lead sessions

-practicing curriculum and ideas

-being sensitive to emotional needs

-working with different art supplies

-practical ministry skills

-brainstorming ways to use this ministry and gifts in your context

-personal coaching time


 what will i walk away with


-Become a certified Created teacher

-Training to take arts ministry anywhere you go

-Option to partner with Created as a ministry branch

-a fully loaded art box to get you started (if purchased)

-a new like-minded community of faith to walk with


 cost of camp

$150 for training. this covers:

-training and resources

-two meals per day

-all supplies used during weekend

**If you have a deep desire to come and cost is a large issue, please contact me about possibly fundraising or requesting a partial grant.


If this stirs your heart and you have the desire to come be part of the training, please contact Ashley at or 210.452.4532

Online training only available at this time, Check out the info below to answer questions about the CAMP training program. 


We are currently only offering online training at this time! (See above button link)

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