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C.reated A.rts M.inistry P.rogram  (C.A.M.P.)

 what is camp

The purpose of CAMP is to prepare and equip God’s people to use the arts as a tool in their communities to bring healing, hope, and the light of Jesus. It is designed to train leaders to guide groups of people or individuals through an artistic process that is encouraging and restorative to the soul. 

 how long is camp

Online training allows you to take C.A.M.P. at your own pace. You can go as slowly or quickly as you desire. Once you purchase and receive access to the training, you can go through the videos and exercises as many times as needed. Many facilitators have gone through it several times for a refresher! 

 what will be covered in camp

You will first learn through hands on experience as you take part in a session based on the basic principles and structure taught in CAMP. The rest of the training videos will help equip you in some of the following ways as you learn how to facilitate sessions on your own:

-the value of being still and listening to the Holy Spirit

-thinking outside the box

-learning to lead sessions

-practicing curriculum and ideas

-being sensitive to emotional needs

-working with different art supplies

-practical ministry skills

-brainstorming ways to use this ministry and gifts in your context

-personal coaching time through Zoom available after training


 what will i walk away with

-Confidence! (It was in your all along:)

-Become a certified Created arts facilitator*

-Training to take arts ministry anywhere you go

-a new like-minded community of faith to walk with

-collaboration with Facebook group made up of facilitators

-continued access to training, curriculum and ongoing resources (even occasional events!)

 is this the same as art therapy

No! Although there are some basic art therapy principles that can be applied anytime we use the arts as a way to connect with people, this is not a certification in art therapy. The certification is primarily to equip you, and to give you a backbone of training in ministry. If desired, we can provide you a letter of certification to submit to any community leaders or pastors that occasionally like to see that you have received some type of instruction and collaboration

 what can i do with this

*You CAN:

Facilitate art ministry sessions with believers, non- believers, groups and individuals. The possibilities are endless as to how you can use these basic tools to come up with a beautiful pathway for those in your community to experience the love of Jesus. If you need help after training to brainstorm possibilities please reach out.


-call yourself an art therapist (unless you have gotten your degree for it)

-sell any of the resources provided to you

-use the name Created Ministry unless permission is asked in advanced (We encourage you to come up with your own name that God has for your specific context)

 cost of camp

$150 for training plus access to purchase the facilitators workbook (curriculum) for $25 if you desire. 

**If you have a deep desire to be trained, but cost is a large issue, please contact me about possibly fundraising or requesting a partial grant.


If this stirs your heart and you have the desire to come be part of the training, please contact Ashley at or 210.452.4532

Online training is available at this time, Check out the info below to answer questions about the CAMP training program! 

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