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                                          is a 501-C3 non-profit and fully runs on donations and support in order to function as a ministry. Would consider partnering with us through giving? While Created hosts studio and private sessions, so much of what we do is outreach based for ministries, families and communities that don’t have the resources to cover art costs.  Funds go towards supplies and teaching and training so that we can continue to provide services to anyone who has the desire.  All giving is tax-deductible. Thanks so much for joining with us!!

Created is a mission of wildfire we joyfully and gratefully partner with them as they help us to achieve the purposes God has prepared us for. When you click on the donate button, it will take you to a wildfire giving page. please click "created" under the options. 100% of all money gifted will be given to created. 


Choose to support a new art ministry:

Part of the giving plan of Created Ministry is to offer scholarships to new facilitators who want to begin an art ministry in their community. These facilitators are otherwise using their own funds to buy an entire new set of art supplies that are necessary to launch this dream of reaching the hurting in their cities through the arts. Our desire is to make disciples that go make disciples in every nation. Will you help us?

Launch a ministry:

$250- complete art supplies scholarship, given in full to facilitator

$125- full scholarship for training or half of art supply funds

$50- basic supplies like brushes and paint

$25- workbook and print curriculum for faclitators

Little Nyoni.jpg


Brenda, South Africa

"Little Nyoni" art ministry

Thank you so much! Now as I need supplies I will be able to purchase them to get started!

 thank you!

 ashley rogers

Director, Created Ministry


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