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"Creating with the Creator"

In 2018, Ashley was inspired to write down the Created story, and the unique process that God has taught her in developing reflective art ministry sessions. If you are interested in booking Ashley for speaking engagements, please click on the "contact" page.


"Create. This can be a terrifying word for so many. And yet, somewhere along the way we forgot we were designed to do just that. We increasingly miss the beauty of reflection, creativity, and the intimacy with God that creating brings as our world often values productivity and product. We were created to create, from craftsman to novice; from ministry leader to searcher. Not only for our own healing and joy, but for the freedom it brings to the world around us. This forgotten tool of creativity has been tucked away in our closets with our kindergarten crayons and longs to resurface. These stories offer simple tools and ideas to help engage people with the arts so they might be used for their God-given purpose: freedom."

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