Advent Exercise

This season, get your hearts ready to celebrate Jesus as you walk through this creative advent exercise. recognize your hope, prepare for God to bring it, find Joy in the process and find out just how much He loves you. This teachable exercise is free, you must first sign up for the free CAMP School on teachable. Link below. 

Prayer Circles

Take your anxiety and turn it into a proactive way to pray. This is a simple way to slow down, breathe, and allow god to speak directly into the things we carry as weight and burdens. You can also use this tool to actively pray for someone else. No experience needed! 

Watercolor Doodle Prayer Cards

In this online class, you will learn how to facilitate a time of intercessory prayer for someone else, as well as create a watercolor doodle card to share. the idea of praying specifically for someone else can feel like a new (and sometimes unsure!) thing, and this simple class can help you learn how to enter this time with joy. We will also share a simple tutorial on creating fun watercolor doodle images to add to your encouragements and prayers. Designed for Any skill level. 

Face Painting Training for Evangelism and Ministry

This free 15 minute online training will equip you or your team with practical tips and tools to use face painting (whether you are an artist or not!) as a way to connect with others in your community or around the world. We have used this method of sharing Gods love with others with kids, adults, and with people from all over the world!

Online Arts Ministry Training

At Created, we offer a program called the Created Arts Ministry Program (CAMP). In this program, we train and equip people at our Texas studio to go out and use the arts as a ministry tool in their contexts. For those of you who are not able to Join us in person, we have put together an online training course that your team (or just you!) can watch, learn from, and prayerfully be equipped to begin art ministry where you are at. When you purchase this training, you can watch the videos over and over anytime you need them! This world is hurting. We have the opportunity to be the light of Christ and use the gift of creativity to do so. Will you join our family of creative artisans from around the world?

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