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What is art ministry?

There's no official definition of art ministry. That makes it even more fun! So what do we mean when we say art ministry?

It's connecting people with the Creator God through the creative process.

How does it work?

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What is Created?

At the beginning of time the first thing we find out about God is that He created. When we enter into the creative process, we enter into a place of connection with this God who made all things. We believe He wants to draw closer to each human heart in need of Him. As we learn to be still, ask questions and listen for God's heart for us, the creative ways we respond bring healing, hope and joy. 

The idea for Created Ministry began in 2014 with a desire to help ALL people (not just those who call themselves artists) connect to Jesus through the creative arts. Since history began, people have been using various art forms as a means of expression- we are simply trying to help them use these tools to connect with the Creator Himself. Whether through painting, basket weaving, photography, dance, drama, writing, make-up art, cake decorating or landscape design- we know there is no limit to how God longs to creatively minister to His people. 

At Created, we use a basic and simple method called "Reset, Reflect, Create" to help people connect with God. We often call these times of connecting with Jesus creatively- "sessions". We offer these sessions to groups or individuals and facilitate guided times of creating in the Created Studio or on location. 

Please check out the beautiful ways we have seen God use the arts around us and schedule a time to come create! 

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Art Ministry

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