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the Created story


I am A creator. I am created to create, and so are you.


Created was born from a God-sized dream to re-introduce the arts to a world of people who are often terrified of it. It’s for children and adults; painters and finger painters; thinkers and doers; musicians and writers. I longed for a way to combine my love for art, Jesus and people. After a year of planning, praying and building, we opened the Created Studio in 2015. Over the first several years of the ministry’s existence, hundreds of people walked through the old red doors to experience a session in which they were able to be still, listen to the Holy Spirit and create and express what God was speaking to them. God has used these sessions to bring healing, hope, joy, vision and encouragement. It started to become clear however that He wasn’t done with His vision. Created went outside the walls of the studio. We went into homes, conference rooms, nursing homes, communities, retreat centers and rehabs. He showed us how to use these creative sessions in new and deeply impactful ways in order to reach diverse groups of people with the love of Jesus. Others began to reach out to ask how they might be trained to use the arts as a ministry tool as well. In 2019 we launched the Created Arts Ministry Program. Whether through writing workshops, open worship time to create, family creative sessions or community outreach events, we pray God continues to use Created to connect people with the beautiful heart of Jesus through the creative arts.

We would love to have you join us in this glorious adventure!

ashley rogers

-Director, Created Ministry

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