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Partner Highlights

Re-Deme Studio

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Re-Deme Studio:

Re-Deme Studio is a faith-based, art company that exists to design and facilitate positive, educational and therapeutic experiences that enrich the lives of children, teens and adults. Re-Deme studio is being birthed out of my own experiences with God, where I’ve learned that the creative process, coupled with community and intentionally praying and meditating on God’s word is an excellent facilitator for deeper spiritual understanding. The studio is still in its baby stages, growing up in the Manhattan facing suburb of New Jersey as it responds to the call to provide a God honoring space in the arts and education world. 

Vision:  Everything we do stems from our praise and adoration of all God has done. We want to create spaces for visual & performing artists to come together to worship God, work, teach their craft, and share His love. Through our key areas of focus, we work to help foster true creativity, while caring for people and our earth at the same time.


Created Connection:

Coming to the Created CAMP training helped me see that all of this is not just in my imagination. There are others, many others who God is calling to very similar things. I was able to see what it looked like to worship together, grow together, be inspired together and then take that back to our everyday life, to then pour it out into our local communities. CAMP showed me I am not alone in this. Some of the women I met at CAMP have been those moms, sisters and midwives I talked about earlier. Even across state boarders we can share one Spirit and one desire to honor God, it is an added blessing to share the desire to help people see beyond what is presented at face value and get creative. 


In this season God has been bringing people together to help birth this vision. Like moms, sisters and mid-wives they have offered up their finances, energy, wisdom and prayers to help see this vision come to life. He has been growing my faith, and the faith our teachers, artists, advisors and partners. There are many challenges as I walk through the phases of inspiration, conception, delivery and development. Please agree with me in prayer as I continue to seek His guidance. I pray daily that I would stay sober minded in a world that tells me to rush and do it all. I am praying for the support from the church that I believe is needed, and the steadfastness and clarity equally needed. I believe a ministry like this is meant to bring the church together outside of its institutional walls, so that we can reach people where they are at, build each other up and share the gospel through our everyday life. 


Waymaker arts


Waymaker Arts:

I'm Amanda Hartrich, of Waymaker Arts, and I happily serve the Western New York area (aka Buffalo) through art, knitting, and prayer sessions. My ministry has two main focuses: 1. to bring the love of Jesus to the marginalized through creativity and 2. to help seekers connect with God through prayer, contemplation, and creation.

Currently, I'm working with two different non-profits in the city to bring art to their clients. Through weekly art projects at PATH (People Against the Trafficking of Humans), I connect with women, teens, and children that have been touched by or are at risk for human trafficking. And at Jericho Road Health Clinic, I work with refugees, those in poverty, and other marginalized communities through art and knitting classes.

I also offer prayer/creating sessions at my home studio and through my church a few times throughout the month. These sessions look very similar to Created sessions, and I see them as designated space to help people hear from the Spirit as they create.

Created Connection:

I would not be doing any of this if it weren't for Created's CAMP training. Six months before attending, the Lord only told me, "do art with people to help them connect with me." I wasn't a trained artist, art teacher, or minister ... besides being in the knitting community, I had no art experience at all. I was just a small group leader at my church. So I searched for a resource that could explain what He was talking about, and through divine timing, found Created. The CAMP weekend with Ashley and my other trainees not only gave me the ins and outs of what an art ministry could look like, it also gave me the confirmation that yes, this is a thing, and yes, you've been called to it. Our time of anointing will always be very precious to me. I'm so thankful Created has come by my side as God continues to build this ministry for His glory!


God is so good; He is working in mighty ways through all branches of the ministry! Relationships at PATH are growing and strengthening, new groups are organically forming at Jericho Road, and interest in the prayer/creating sessions has steadily increased. 

My biggest prayer needs are for sustained energy, continued inspiration, and discerning wisdom. The women at PATH can be particularly choosy in the projects we do, and I am always looking for prayer support on how to best serve them!


Created 2 Create



This ministry was created to connect people with God through the arts. The arts offer a powerful tool to hear from the Lord and express our God-given creativity. We design our workshops around a new theme each month, learning a new technique and related spiritual teaching.

Created Connection:

We are so thankful for the training the Created Ministries has offered thru the online CAMP course! This training has given us a solid structure on which to build each of our sessions. Although our specific context is a bit different, Ashley's training has given us a clear path to follow through her RESET, REFLECT, RESPOND method. Our team is so excited to incorporate this method in more of our programming as our ministry grows! 


We are currently preparing for a Wet-felted Flower workshop this coming Saturday where we will be exploring prayer art and learning how God wants to help us BLOOM spiritually.  would love your prayers over our team as we learn and respond to God's vision for this ministry. 


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