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How can you be a part of a global art ministry movement?



T. Draper, Australia

Created has been such a blessing to me. For a few years now I've known that God has wanted to use my art, but it's only in the last few months that He's clarified how He wants to use my skills and I came across 'Creating with the Creator' through a Google search. I loved your book and I loved the course. A million thank yous!

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L. Soo, Malaysia

 I see the potential of this ministry, such as leading people to express their love to God and also express God’s heart/will in them with these teaching

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R. Rensburg, South Africa

Having done the course gave me the confidence and structure I needed. I feel more empowered and encouraged after our chat than ever before. The picture of what Art Ministry in my world might look like is a bit clearer and being linked with Created is giving me more courage. I feel so blessed.

3 ways you can get involved:

Ready for another creative project?! On

Help launch a new art ministry- cover the start up costs of supplies to empower a brave leader start up an art ministry in their community. 


prayer partner

We need prayer warriors. If you would like to know more about how you can be praying for these creative warriors around the globe, please reach out with you email so we can keep you in the loop!


Want to start art ministry in your community?  Reach out to set up a call or Zoom meeting with Ashley to see if the Created Arts Ministry Program is a good fit.   

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