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"Bring your praise as an offering and your thanks as a sacrifice as you sing your story of miracles with a joyful song!"

Psalm 107:22

Kids Camp

The heart

The ministry of Created is not just about art. We believe that every soul, every person no matter how young or old, has been made in the image of our Creator God who in turn desires to creates with us. With this framework in mind, at Created Kids Camp, it's all about learning from the Master Creator. We can find beautiful inspiration from the world around us as we build important skills that teach us how to express ourselves through creative work. 

Created Kids Camp Acorns transparent.jpg

Acorns: Grades K-4

July 18- 21 9am-12:30 pm

Created Kids Camp Oaks transparent.jpg

July 6-8 9am-12:30 pm

Oaks: Grades 5-7

ArtisanCamp transparent.jpg

Teens (completed 8th-12th grades)

July 6-8 2:00 -5:30 pm

GOD MADE ME: exploring creation

Our Acorn group is designed especially for our youngest creators. Students must have finished Kinder, and includes those who have completed 4th grade. We will focus on basic art elements, practicing with new tools and skills to give creators a little taste of everything. We will learn inspiration from God's creation.  The end of each day will include lunch time (provided from home) on the studio porch. Students will take home their projects after a gallery show on their last day of camp.

GOD LOVES ME: recycled self portraits

Oaks group is for students who have completed 5th through 7th grade (middle school). Although they do not have to have experienced Acorn Kids Camp before, we will move past basic art skills and knowledge to help these growing creators learn how to use their artistic skills to focus on self expression and identity. We will be creating recycled self portraits. (Check out the values of Created Ministry here). This is a 3 day morning camp, that will finish each day with a sack lunch (provided from home) on the studio porch. Each creator will participate in a gallery on the final day of camp and learn to display and share about their pieces. 

GOD CAN USE ME: finding your voice

For our emerging artisans that have finished 8th-12th grades, this group is designed to help students learn their own unique style in their artistic journey. It's hard as a teen to find your voice while remaining grounded in God's truth. Through creating a large mixed media painting, we will explore our unique voice, style and learn how to express our hearts as a light in the darkness. This is a 3 day artisan camp where each student creates one personal piece. We will host a gallery evening at the end of the week to further help students learn to display and talk about their work. Email with any questions. 

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